Boosting digital engagement with Turner Media

The Brief

Magiswords is an innovative and immersive digital and on-air experience, featuring content kids can watch, swords kids can collect and games kids can play!

Our task was to build awareness and drive our audience (based in Poland) to download the new app.

Our research showed that our Target Audience would respond well to gameplay, problem solving, learning and fun. We also needed to educate the TA on the core attributes of the app and why it was a must have.

App downloads were a key success metric so we ensured a clear CTA was present throughout the UX.

The Solution

Our solution was to create two innovative rich interstitial units. One for mobile and one for tablet.

We produced two iterations of each unit: one with gameplay and one focusing on app education and CTA. The gameplay unit consisted of a sword scrambler that allowed the user to scramble and re-construct a sword before the allotted time ran out. Difficulty levels were also available on successful completion of the quest.

The Results

The units delivered a rich level of engagement with a dramatic increase in app downloads across the campaign, performing well above expectations.

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