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The Challenge

Keystone London is working with the London Borough of Newham, the London Mayor’s office and the Greater London Authority to develop a 50-acres riverside site in Silvertown, part of the historic Royal Docks. We were asked to support Keystone London in engaging with local communities, an important aspect of this development.

Silvertown aerial plan

Our Response

We created a Vision Centre on site, in the 1960s Silver Building. Left empty for a number of years, the building had recently been repurposed as ‘meanwhile use’ – affordable work space for creative enterprises, start-ups and local businesses in buildings earmarked for development.

A large part of the building had become completely dilapidated, but we immediately saw that its open plan floorspace and large windows would make it the ideal location for the Vision Centre – another form of meanwhile use for the building. Working to a very tight schedule, we transformed it into a bright and welcoming public space.

The exhibition features large scale boards that tell the story of Silvertown and outline the plans for the new development. We also produced a film sharing personal memories of life in the Royal Docks, and a media table, set on a carefully restored draughtsman’s drawing board.

Silvertown response

“BradleyDyerRaw have been exceptional in understanding the requirements of our business. They are always willing to make positive suggestions, are a delight to work with, and you can rely on them 100%”


Silvertown Vision Centre

The Results

The Vision Centre sparked strong local interest and has played a key role in engaging with the community and inviting feedback.

It receives regular visits from local schools, and plans are being made to involve pupils who are studying history and geography, are taking part in volunteer projects, or who have an interest in science, technology, maths and engineering.

Keystone London was overwhelmed by the quality of the work we produced, enabling them to confidently engage with local communities and stakeholders both in the private and public sectors.

“Thanks so much for showing me round the Vision Centre. Your vision and commitment is inspiring”


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