Raising EDM readership at Project Literacy



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The Brief

The Project Literacy team at Pearson contacted us to undertake a review of their current Electronic Direct Mails that were under performing when benchmarking against industry performance stats for 2017.

We had access to very little tracking data but could compare two core metrics of click-through rate and open rate for our initial comparison. By comparing the two benchmarks, it was clear that the current EDM design was underperforming.


Our first step was to undertake an expert analysis and review of the existing design to uncover key areas for improvement to guide our design process.

There were some essential design changes that we could implement to overcome these usability issues to help us increase interaction rates and raise our benchmarking results.

The Solution

We delivered a brand new modular driven design that offered:

  • Personalisation
  • Animated previews
  • Stats & quote modules
  • Better content scanning
  • Improved content flow
  • Improved branding
  • Social feeds
  • Fully customisable
Examples of our new, more visually engaging, eDMs

The Results

Project Literacy saw a significant increase in engagement. And as added value, we also provided full training and documentation to Pearson to aid internal onboarding of the new design and CMS.

Increase in engagement (%)
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