Building the DisneyLife fanbase



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The Brief

Disney has entered the streaming media arena with its DisneyLife service. It positions itself as an all-in-one ‘experience’, combining on-demand access to classic movies and family TV shows, music from Disney recording artists, children’s books, free games, shorts, extras and spin-offs, all available in the one app.

At BradleyDyerRaw we were challenged to deliver a multi platform digital strategy that not only drove acquisition and trial of the new service but helped educate our primary target audience of Mums on DisneyLife’s numerous points of difference and how they can best use the service to surprise and delight the end users – children.

The Solution

We designed a new landing page for the DisneyLife website supported by a social media campaign focused on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To overcome the sector’s key business challenge of churn, a community strategy was deployed to build a loyal fanbase spreading the word though positive experience and emotional connections.

The Results

The new homepage increased click through rate to the sign up page by 22% within days and replaced the original homepage.

Increase CTR to sign up
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