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Customer journey

In property marketing, the customer journey is all important. Prospective purchasers now approach a new development’s sales and marketing suite expecting to be wowed by the product and to be able to engage interactively with displays in order to help them to make choices on the way towards buying their new home.

At BradleyDyerRaw we have many years’ experience in creating show stopping sales and marketing suites and are able to offer a three entry level service tailored to the client’s budget and requirements.

The offering showcased within all of our marketing suites can reach beyond the product and reflect the lifestyle of the development to engage with the emotions of a potential purchaser. Our marketing suites are welcoming and relaxing, ensuring the customer feels at ease and creating a confident sales environment.

Modular Space

Using a modular structure as a base, BradleyDyerRaw’s team can design a bespoke building at single or double storey height. The exterior can be clad in a variety of materials, to create an exceptional design, tailor-made to the client’s brief.

Interior space is configured to suit requirements, including heating, lighting, partition walls, kitchen area, storeroom and WC. Structures can also accommodate a separate show home.

BradleyDyerRaw will oversee and project manage the whole process from design inception through to fit out, using our experience to create the customer journey through the sales environment. Alongside the design and build of the unit, our team will co-ordinate the interior design integrated with the latest digital sales technology and creative graphics.

Existing Space

When a sales suite is to be located within an empty home or apartment on site, or sometimes within a retail space, BradleyDyerRaw will take the unit from shell and will configure the internal space to fit requirements, creating a seamless customer journey

Existing floor space is expertly reconfigured to create sales negotiation areas, soft seating spaces with striking decorative finishes, feature lighting, original graphics and innovative digital sales technology.

Custom Build

BradleyDyerRaw’s technical team creates architect-led bespoke buildings to showcase a truly memorable sales environment. Floorplans and elevations are transformed into external and internal computer generated images to give the client a hyper-accurate vision of the sales suite.

All aspects of the building and its environment are considered including landscaping and a carefully planned customer journey up to and around the marketing suite. Inside, this could include closing rooms, choices areas and a suite of digital interactive technology. A full interior design service makes the most of space, textures, colour and light to create an ambience that more than meets the aspirations of our clients and their purchasers.

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