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The Challenge

We were asked to produce a memorable experience for Doha Festival City to celebrate the release of the final film in the epic Star Wars Skywalker saga.

Harnessing the anticipation and excitement surrounding the movie, the activation needed to drive footfall to the mall and reward visitors and fans with an unforgettable Star Wars experience.

Our Response

Our spectacular installation created a thrilling adventure for visitors, with a series of games and interactive experiences that determined whether they should train with the Jedi or the Dark Side.

Stunning visuals, clever props and lighting effects immersed visitors in the Star Wars universe. With a unique Jedi training card being completed throughout the experience at each activity, and finally filled with an imaginative photo opportunity, it gave them a brilliant take away and shareable memento of the experience.

Star Wars Experience Entrance

Use the force

In the fully themed corridors of the Death Star visitors were emmersed in the universe of the Dark Side. Using The Force visitors had to move crates and rubble out of the way to escape from the First Order. The effect was created using hidden hoists, pulleys and hidden user activated controls. Through clever lighting panels, the technology remained hidden keeping the illusion alive. At the end the visitors ‘Force Strength’ was recorded in their Jedi training book.

Use the Force

Stormtrooper skills game

Visitors tested their Stormtooper shooting skills with a fun target game that recorded their score.

Shooting skill game

Photo opportunity

Photo opportunity

Craft and merchandise

Tables and chairs were set up with Star Wars themed colouring and craft activities. A fully themed and emersive retail area kept the visitors excited and engaged. This area also allowed them to purchase unique momentos, clothing and other items to remember their one off experience.

Craft and Merchandise

Video tour

The results

The installation was live in Doha Festival City for four weeks, tying in with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker cinema premiere. Its scale and ingenuity made it a real draw for visitors to the mall, whilst creating a unique experience and talking point for visitors to share their experience and photos on social media.

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“…it looks absolutely amazing. A huge thank you and congratulations to the BradleyDyerRaw team.”

Senior Manager Integrated Marketing, Disney

Star Wars Experience
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