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The Brief

The Berkeley Group asked us to align their divisional brands and create a single, unified brand architecture.

The Berkeley Group has led the house-building market since 1976. Part of the group’s success has come from how it’s adapted to change and opportunity, mainly by setting up divisional brands that sit below it – St Edward, St James, St George and Berkeley First. Historically, each brand had its own standalone identity, with little recognition of the Berkeley Group.

We were asked to align these identities and create a cohesive brand architecture. Rather than the Berkeley Group being a passive holding company, it became a visible brand, sitting at the heart of the wider divisional brands.

The Solution

We redesigned the logos for each of the divisional brands, which created a single unified image, that directly reflected the group identity. Simple, clear and distinct – this helps each powerfully reinforce the others.

We also created a unified strapline, which was designed to engage on a more emotional level with the various target audiences – ‘Designed for Life’. This was further supported by the endorsement ‘Proud to be a member of the Berkeley Group of Companies’, which is also used by a growing number of divisional brands.

Berkeley Group branding
Berkeley Group Brand Guidelines

The Results

Once the companies were unified, we created a single web portal for all of them. Instead of trying to navigate more than 120 microsites, customers can now browse all Berkeley Group products in one place, improving the user experience and saving the business time and money.

At the same time, the new brands meant advertising and other marketing channels could be unified too, making marketing budgets work even harder.

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