Skywalker rises in Doha

17th December 2019

Our spectacular Star Wars activation opened in Doha Festival City this weekend. The team spent the previous week installing the piece, working through the night while the mall was closed to visitors.

On the opening day excited visitors made their way into the activation. A series of games and interactive experiences determined whether they should train with the Jedi Forces or the Dark Side. Stunning visuals, clever props and lighting effects immersed visitors in the Star Wars universe, while imaginative photo opportunities gave them a brilliantly shareable memento of the experience.

The installation will remain in Doha Festival City for the next few weeks, tying in with the period when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is showing in cinemas. Its scale and ingenuity will be a real draw for the mall, and a talking point as visitors share their experience and photos on social media.

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