Making wishes come true with Disney’s Aladdin

9th May 2019

Visitors to London’s Leicester Square this morning were met with the mysterious site of Aladdin’s lamp standing there before them. Mega-star Will Smith, the voice of the Genie in Disney’s new live action film Aladdin, was secretly hidden behind the lamp and watched the crowds from a camera feed. As visitors approached the lamp, he spoke to them, his voice booming out through a hidden microphone. At an appointed time, children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation arrived to have their photo taken with the lamp. To the amazement and delight of the crowd, Will Smith suddenly appeared for a meet and greet – and to tell the children that they were going to Disneyland Paris.

The stunt created a great buzz on social media, as well as making the wishes of some very special children come true.

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